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"Hi, Wendy!" Lucy chimed as she strolled into the guild that morning. "Do you know where Natsu ran off too? We were supposed to go on a mission today, but Mira said he left not too long ago." Lucy slipped onto the leather bar stool next to her youngest teammate. "She said that he looked pretty flustered, and that you were the last person to talk to him. What did you two talk about?"

//I’m new to rp blogs, so I hope I’m allowed to reference other conversations… is this right??? :’D

"Oh, hi Lucy-san!" Wendy smiles, "I don’t know where he went, sorry. And as for what we talked about, well, I don’t think he would want me to talk about it. It was a pretty, sensitive, topic for him." she sighs, not wanting to tell her that they were talking about her.

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    She clearly wants to ask, she’s not to good at hiding what she’s thinking, Wendy notes. “Sure, we could do something,...
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    She was still curious as to what Natsu and Wendy had discussed, but she could tell the young slayer was uncomfortable...